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It’s that time of year – Merry Meatless Mainers Month! 

Hi!  Just a little announcement for you.  We hope you will join us in an ongoing celebration of being meat-free in Maine.  We are celebrating June as Meatless Mainers Month and intend to do so every year and hope you will also.  It’s a month  for all Mainers, a month anyone can celebrate and we hope you will use it to co-brand if you are having a meatless event during June or just  to offer greetings of the season.  We hope this will enter the public domain as it is for all Mainers, not just one meetup, one group, one business or one nonprofit.  It’s for all of us and to help others learn whether they wish to join in our fun for a minute, a month or a lifetime.  For this first year, we are celebrating at each of our June events, but watch for more in future Junes as we seek to not just celebrate, but do more to honor the reasons to be veg and support all those Mainers who are helping us get there be it by eatery, small business, nonprofit or beyond.


Let us know what you think and please, have a very Merry Meatless Mainers Month

Sarah and the Meatless Mainers of Meetup and VegME!

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VegME!’s efforts over all and to Whole Foods and VDog for event sponsorship! We couldn’t do what we do without you!  Of course we also thank Maine Animal Coalition and Whole Foods for inviting our participation in their efforts!

If you are looking for information about our recent efforts, please see our event galleries under the photos tab – we hope to see you soon!

VegME!’s mission is to put resource with need to advance plant-based eating and veganism throughout Maine.

VegME! is brought to you by your friends at Maine Vegan Meetup so we invite you to visit us here for your daily dose of vegan community with the Meatless Mainers.

Please visit the pages linked in the menu above for all manner of Maine veg doings and check back often!  Be sure to let us know how we might help with your Maine-based veg need at info@vegme.org .



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