VegME! is a Maine-based nonprofit designed to complement the efforts of Maine Vegan Meetup, a dine-around formed to generate more interest in and acceptance of a vegan lifestyle by encouraging restaurants to offer more vegan selections to reduce animal suffering and hunger as well as to help the environment and our health. Between June of 2007 and December of 2012 alone, the meetup enjoyed well over 1,400 meatless meals while educating restaurants about plant-based eating and the market force vegans have fast become.

Maine Vegan Meetup is a partner to VegME! and this is how we invite others to join our efforts and share our work with a wider audience of those interested in veganism. To give you a sense of our efforts in 2012, please see our highlights (for 2011, please see these highlights). Meetup remains a vital part of VegME!’s efforts. For example, we will continue to offer our popular restaurant list. Please see our Facebook events page for upcoming events offered by VegME! and/or its partners.

MDA_304_Logo_MeatlessMainers_CMYK_MOur Board meets at least monthly.  If you are interested in learning more about joining our efforts or more about our operations, please contact us at .

For your information, here are our VEGME! 501c3 approval March 21 2014,  Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and Conflict of Interest policy, along with a bit more about our organization.

MissionVegME! is a Maine-based nonprofit working to educate and support Mainers interested in plant-based eating.  VegME!’s efforts are focused on the benefits a plant-based (vegan) diet provides in four areas: hunger, nutrition, animals and environment.  Our mission is to put veg resource with veg need to serve Mainers.
VisionOur vision is to match veg group offerings to demand in Maine.  We fulfill our mission by providing outreach and education through both partnerships and our own programming.  Efforts include food sampling, event tabling, film screening and other community outreach and support.  We are Maine’s Veg Hub.
ValuesWe seek to serve our mission and our partners professionally, ethically and with fiscal prudence in an environment that is respectful, responsive, supportive and free of judgment.  More information is available about our code of ethics upon request.

Partnership Organization Representatives

  • Chris McClay, Maine Vegan Meetup
  • Jen Breyer, V-Learning Community
  • Tony Cuffori, The Ark and the Olive Branch Vegan Cafe
  • Alexander Peppe, Home for the Hoofed
  • Kevin Haley, Wind of Change Holistic Health Coaching
  • Mimi McGee—PCRM Food for Life Instructor & The Leafy Cafe
  • No Meat Athlete—Maine
  • Katie Lisnik—Humane Society of the Unites States
  • Edee Howland—Homeopathic Nutritionist & Juice Plus
  • Cheryl Lacey, Bates Dining Services
  • Christina Perkins, Maine Farm Animal Advocates
  • Dawn Moncrief—A Well Fed World
  • Erica Meier—Compassion Over Killing
  • Oleg Opalnyk—Vegan Chef
  • Whole Foods—Portland Maine
  •—Meg Wolff


The Veganeers are our volunteer crew.  If you are interested in event volunteering, please contact us at for more information.