For your health. For our environment. For animals.  To alleviate hunger.  These are a few great reasons to go veg.  The VegME! mission is to put veg resource with veg need here in Maine.  We focus on these four areas in conjunction with other groups to serve as Maine’s veg hub.  We find that those choosing to go veg for any of these great reasons also appreciate learning about the other reasons, so we will do our best to help share the message.  Our efforts will focus on diet, but we also work with and support groups that eschew animal products in every aspect of human life, e.g. – no leather, no fur, cosmetics without animal products.


Some of the biggest problems confronting our planet are disease, hunger and environmental devastation. These are all caused to some extent by animal agriculture. Although personal health is very important, there are much larger issues at stake as well.  When you do for you, you are also doing for your neighbors on this increasingly crowded blue marble we call Earth.


Diet-based chronic disease, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes kill millions annually. Food poisoning sickens many more.  Most food poisoning comes from  E. coli, Salmonella, and other bacterial and viral pathogens  that thrive in meat, egg and dairy products. Improper handling and cooking exposes these deadly pathogens to humans.


Hunger afflicts more than a billion people worldwide and starvation and hunger-related diseases kill someone every 2.5 seconds. It is thought that hunger could be eliminated if all the resources used to produce animals for slaughter were instead used to feed a vegetarian diet directly to humans.  This is not news.  You need only read Frances Moore Lappe’s  Diet for a Small Planet to know how long this has been discussed and affirmed.  We recommend you visit  Well-Fed World for more on hunger and veganism.


Please visit FarmUSA’s the Benefits of Veg for more on all the great reasons to go veg